Clothing swap party

The production of textiles causes a number of negative environmental impacts. For example, pesticides are used in the cultivation of raw materials and water consumption is high, which among many other things led to the drying of the Aral Sea. The industry is also characterised by poor working conditions, including human rights violations such as child labour, low wages and forced overtime.

To provide an alternative to fast fashion, the Green Office arranges a clothing swap party every semester.  Here, anyone can hand in clothes that are no longer worn and are just lying around in the cupboard. These clothes are collected and sorted by the Green Office team. At the actual event, everyone has the opportunity to look through the clothes and take what they like. The rest of the clothes will be donated to local clothing stores. Here, people in need or in difficult social situations have the opportunity to buy clothes for a small amount of money. The profit made there usually benefits other social projects, e.g. in the Third World.

Thus, the clothing swap parties enable people to have more space in their wardrobe or to replace their old clothes with new treasures that do not take up any new resources.

For a cosy atmosphere while rummaging, there is coffee and cake on a donation basis. The proceeds will go to various organisations, such as the Stefan Morsch Foundation or Fashion Revolution.

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