VoIP - Telephone and Fax

Voice over IP (short for VoIP), also known as IP telephony, is our new telecommunications technology in the field of telephony. This means that telephone calls, video calls, faxes and chats for all locations of the University of Applied Sciences Trier will in future be transmitted via our campus network or our Internet connections. Both the connection setup and the voice transmission between the end devices and the provider are exclusively encrypted.

Technical implementation

The VoIP solution AURA of the manufacturer Avaya is used. The central components of the system are operated in the data center at the Birkenfeld site. A redundancy concept provides that so-called "basic telephony" without special services (e.g. central telephone book) remains possible even in the event of a failure of the central system technology. All that is required is a functioning campus network and a stable Internet connection. The role of the campus network thus plays an even more important role. Core components are already redundant and all Internet connections are and have been upgraded. The new telephones are connected to the data network and supplied with power via PoE (Power over Ethernet). They have a second Gigabit LAN connection to which a workstation computer can be connected.

In particular, we are trying to replace analogue fax machines and answering machines with a digital version (integrated into the telephone system). In this regard we will advise you on site and after examination of the conditions.

Current status and roadmap (19.08.2019)

All locations (Birkenfeld, Trier, Baustoffprüfstelle and Idar-Oberstein) have already successfully migrated to the new system.



On these pages you can find comprehensive information about the IP telephone and its functions. If you encounter any problems, please contact the VoIP Helpdesk.

And please do not disconnect your telephone from the network on your own, but let us know via the e-mail address given if your telephone has to be reconnected.


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