Certificate International Law

The certificate has a focus on law in the international context. Three specializations are on offer:

  • Anglo-American law with an international focus
  • French law with a view to Europe and the Frankophonie
  • Spanish law with a view to Europe and the Hispanophonie

Courses are mostly a part of the German course of studies LL.B. Umwelt- und Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.B. Business and Environmental Law) and students can receive credits for most courses as part of their curriculum.

Master students can still receive the certificate. Please contact Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann for an individual evaluation of courses that would need to be taken in order to complete the certificate.

Even if you do not study in the German course of studies LL.B. Umwelt- und Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.B. Business and Environmental Law), you can take part in the certificate if you have basic knowledge in the field of law (in one of the specializations) and are registered as a student at Trier University of Applied Sciences. German is also a requirement as at least one of the courses will be in German. Please contact Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann for an individual consultation on the matter.

For more information, please contact either Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann or Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer. Here is the flyer (in German) Download.


Questions concerning the certificate law international can be addressed to Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann or Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer.

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