How do I register for language courses?

Course registration for our compulsory and elective courses (except continuing education) takes place during the first week of lectures via StudIP. You will find the course names and the courses you have to take in your study plan and the module descriptions; the course times in the timetable.
Registration for continuing education courses is done separately via our continuing education website. Please note that courses of the continuing education program can generally not be credited within the scope of your current studies.

Problems with registration: e-mail to sk(at)umwelt-campus.de or e-mail the teachers of the courses concerned.

How can I prepare for the courses in the area of Language and Communication?

The language courses at the Environment Campus are classified on the basis of the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(A1 to C2). Upon successful completion of the corresponding course, the specified language level is certified. You will find information on the recommended entry level and final outcome level in the respective course descriptions of the curricula.

An overview of the competence levels of the GER and a grid for self-assessment can be found here.

The teaching materials for the respective module are announced by the teachers via the learning platform.

Recognition of course credits

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer is responsible for the recognition of course credits from other courses of studies, other universities, and other institutions. 

Supervision of final theses (Bachelor, Master, State Exams)

In the area of Language and Communication, final theses can be written on topic from the following fields of research: International Business Communication, Digital Business, Intercultural Communication, Language and Communication, as well as Applied Linguistics and general Linguistics.

If your are interested in writing a thesis in this research field, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer as early as possible.

The theses can be written in German, English, French, and Spanish.

Supervision of the semester abroad and practical semester

In the area of Language and Communication , we supervise semesters abroad and practical semesters. If you would like a supervision in this area, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer as early as possible

Possiblity of joining research projects

In the area of Language and Communication, students can collaborate in applied research in the context of project work, research assistant work and final theses in the fields of international business communication, digital business, intercultural communication, language and communication as well as applied linguistics and general linguistics and participate in international projects. If you are interested in working in these areas, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer.

External language tests

There are several possibilities of taking an external language test on campus. You will find more information on the website of our language test center.

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