Cleanroom Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – dual (M. Eng.)

Do you want to become a specialised manager for the construction, operation and optimisation of the infrastructure for the safe production of medicines and vaccines integrated into a company? The new, practice-integrated degree programme "Cleanroom Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - dual (M. Eng.)" is precisely tailored to the GMP needs of the cooperating companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The programme is offered exclusively in German.


Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)

Beginning of the course
summer and winter semester

Standard period of study
3 semesters

Admission restriction (N.C.)

Place of study
Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

semester abroad (voluntary)

Tuition fee
none (only semester fee)


The study programme "Cleanroom Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - dual (M. Eng.)" offers an exceptional practice-integrated study model. The characteristic of this dual study model is that practical training takes place in a company (e.g. on the basis of an internship or working student contract) in parallel to the study programme. This is facilitated by a cooperation between the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld and industrial partners.


The consecutive Master's programme "Cleanroom Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (M. Eng.)" builds on the study programmes "Biopharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing (B. Eng.)" and "Biopharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing - dual (B. Eng.)" with 210 ECTS credits. It is designed as a 3-semester programme due to its consecutive nature. However, a lateral entry via another Bachelor's degree programmes is also possible. Those who lack ECTS points because their own Bachelor's degree only has 180 ECTS points can fill this gap with a perfect fit by attending modules with a total of 30 ECTS points from the two Bachelor's degree programmes mentioned above. The Master's programme "Cleanroom Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (M. Eng.)" focuses entirely on modules that deal with the legal requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing and the cleanrooms necessary for this. An important technical term - derived from the US Pharmacopoeia - is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), so that the corresponding modules almost always bear the abbreviation GMP in their name. These are supplemented by some modules in the compulsory and elective areas that deal with the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process at Master's level ("process knowledge"). In the interdisciplinary study concept, the topics of "GMP" and "process knowledge" are also directly linked in the modules. For example, the interaction is taught in the modules "Process requirements in the cleanroom I" and "Process requirements in the cleanroom II" in the form of case studies from practice.


The start of the Master's programme "Cleanroom Technology in Drug Manufacturing – dual (M. Eng.)" will be slightly delayed to the start of the Bachelor's programme "Biopharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing – dual (B. Eng.)" and is scheduled for the summer semester 2025.

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