Call for Papers - EnviroInfo 2024

EnviroInfo 2024 is the 38th edition of the long-standing and well-established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies (ICT). Combining and shaping national and international activities in the field of applied informatics and environmental informatics for making the world a better place for living. The EnviroInfo conference series aims at presenting and discussing the latest state-of-the-art development on ICT and environmental related fields. This year, the conference will be hosted at the German University in Cairo, Egypt.

This year’s special focus is "Transboundary Environmental Challenges: Digital Inclusion for Sustainable Development" with insights in facilitating cooperation across borders to address shared challenges using environmental informatics. This conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to promote digital inclusion by bridging the technological gaps in the context of sustainable development goals.Environmental informatics topics, include Environmental Monitoring and Sensing Technologies, Digitalization and Circular Economy, Sustainable Software Engineering, Innovative Solutions, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Sustainable Development. EnviroInfo 2024 remains committed to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Conference Main Tracks

  • Main Track Day 1: Environmental Informatics
    Innovative ways in which information technology can contribute to the understanding, management, and preservation of our environment. As the world faces escalating environmental challenges, the integration of informatics has become crucial for developing sustainable solutions.
    • Sub-Track 1: AI & ML in Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability
    • Sub-Track 2: Environmental Informatics for Industry
    • Sub-Track 3: Business Intelligence for Green Decision-Making
  • Main Track Day 2: Environmental Modelling and Simulation
    With a focus on cutting-edge modelling and simulation techniques, this track aims to explore innovative solutions to environmental challenges, predict future scenarios, and inform evidence-based decision-making for sustainable development.
    • Sub-track 1: Climate and Ecosystems Modelling
    • Sub-track 2: Analytics for Environmental Sustainability
    • Sub-track 3: Integrated Environmental and Business Models
  • Main Track Day 3: Global Sustainability Challenges
    addressing the multifaceted challenges that the world faces in achieving sustainable development. Bringing together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, this track aims to explore innovative solutions, discuss pressing issues, and foster collaboration to address global sustainability challenges.
    • Sub-Track 1: Circular Economy and Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation
    • Sub-Track 2: Supply Chain and Sustainability Planning
    • Sub-Track 3: Water, Energy and Waste Management in Smart Environments

Parallel Industrial Workshops

  • Day 1: Digitization
    topics include: Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, Digital Transformation Strategies, Cybersecurity in the Digital Age.
  • Day 2: Business Intelligence
    topics include: Data Governance and Management, Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modelling, Business Intelligence Tools and Platforms
  • Day 3: Sustainability
    topics include: Environmental Impact Assessments, Circular Economy Initiatives, Sustainable Supply Chains

Conference Main Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: Monday 20.05.2024
  • Notification for acceptance: Monday 12.08.2024
  • Deadline Paper Submission (camera ready): Monday 16.09.2024
  • Poster and Talk only Submission deadline (Abstracts): Monday 16.09.2024
  • Early bird registration deadline: Monday 30.09.2024
  • Late registration deadline for accepted papers: Monday 28.10.2024
  • Announcement of final program: Monday 04.11.2024

As in previous years, there will be two types of publication, Full Research Paper and Short Paper/Work in Progress. Furthermore, a poster submission and a talk only presentation are also possible.

Full Research Papers
Accepted full papers will be published in the Springer book series “Progress in IS”, Advances in Environmental Informatics. The Scope of Full Paper contributions is 15 ± 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviewed on basis of your summited paper.

Short or Work in Progress papers
Accepted short or work in progress papers will be published in the Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Proceedings – Series of the Gesellschaft fur Informatik (GI). The Scope of this paper contributions is 8 pages ± 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviewed on basis of your summited paper.

Industrial Workshops
For our Industrial Partners, new this year is the ability to deliver a hands-on workshop for knowledge transfer or showcasing  relevant technologies or services. This will highly enrich the conference and provide networking and collaboration potentials for your business.   

All information is available online:

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