Sustainable Technology

Learning Goals

The students will learn the different issues of sustainable questions in various fields of technology. We will focus on topics in engineering, ventilation and air conditioning, informatics, biotechnology, electric grid structure, and environmental geotechnics. The lecture series will be framed by an introduction and a conclusion of actual questions in renewable and sustainable energy technology. The lectures will be completed by excursions to several regional companies and simulation games.

Module Content and Course Schedule

Globally, we will face more and more questions regarding sustainability in the field of environmental engineering. Rising costs for resources and energy, a limited range of fossil energy sources, and the climate change are only three main issues which have to be solved by mankind within the mid-term future.

First, an introduction to the status quo of global power supply and the consequences is given. Afterwards, we will step through the different fields of environmental technology and discuss actual topics in research for a sustainable world: How can we switch our power generation to renewable systems? Is a higher efficiency in engineering and production achievable? How can IT help us to get greener? How will our grids and energy supply look like in future?

The course is structured as follows:

  • Introduction to energy technology
  • Global Renewable energy systems
  • Greenhouse gases and climate change
  • Engineering and energy efficiency
  • Green IT
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Sustainable biotechnology
  • Environmental geotechnics

Study Programs


Each winter semester


Quaschning, Volker. Understanding Renewable Energy Systems. Routledge. 2016

Further literature to be announced.

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