Renewable/Highly Efficient Energy Systems

Renewable and highly efficient energy systems make a significant contribution to the generation of electrical and thermal energy and the associated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the use of renewable energy systems is economically attractive for companies and municipalities in view of rising energy costs. In particular, photovoltaic systems can make a significant contribution to electricity generation and combined heat and power (CHP) plants through combined heat and power (CHP) to optimizing the energy concept of a company or municipality. The Laboratory for Renewable Energies supports you in developing a technical and economic overall concept to make your energy supply sustainable.


PV System

Photovoltaic systems use solar radiation to generate electrical energy. The electrical energy can either be fed into the power grid or consumed in the building itself. Storage for later use is also possible. The PV systems can be installed both on roofs (flat roof or saddle roof) and on open spaces. Due to the sharp fall in the prices of photovoltaic systems, it is economically attractive for municipalities and companies to reach and operate photovoltaic systems.

Owners and operators of photovoltaic systems can assess the performance of their system themselves using the PV yield study published by the Laboratory for Renewable Energies.

We offer you different services with regard to photovoltaic systems:

  • Planning and construction
    • Analysis of electrical energy consumption
    • Yield simulation, forecasting and analysis
    • Planning and design optimization of the photovoltaic system
    • Support during the construction phase and the technical acceptance test
    • Development of a remote monitoring concept incl. technical operation management
    • Technical evaluation (due diligence) of PV projects
    • Support in applying for subsidies
  • Operation
    • Technical management
    • Analysis of measurement data and evaluation of the PV system
    • Identification of optimization potentials (repowering)
    • Visual inspection (also by drone)
    • Enforcement of warranty claims for damages

Combined Heat and Power Units (CHP)

CHP unit

Combined heat and power plants use liquid or gaseous fuels to generate highly efficient electrical energy and heat (combined heat and power). The heat can be fed into a local heating network. The output of CHP units can range from a few kilowatts to several hundred megawatts.

By analysing the electricity and heat load profiles, a block-type thermal power station can be designed to meet the needs of companies or municipal facilities. The electricity that is either fed into the power grid or alternatively consumed in the building itself can be subsidised.

We support you in the planning, technical and economic design and implementation of a combined heat and power plant in your company or municipality.

  • Analysis and modelling of electricity and heat load profiles
  • Design of a combined heat and power unit with regard to technical and economic aspects
  • Integration of the CHP into a sustainable energy concept
  • Support during installation and commissioning of the CHP unit
  • Grant application

Energy Concepts

The aim of developing energy concepts in companies and municipalities is to link individual measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, to identify dependencies and to implement the measures in a coordinated manner. The modelling of the energy structure in the company or municipality helps to simulate the effects of the measures. From this, an action plan can be derived and priorities for implementation can be defined.

The Laboratory for Renewable Energies supports you in the development of energy concepts with the following services:

  • Modelling and simulation of the energy flow in terms of generation and consumption
  • Correlation of individual measures
  • Creating a priority list
  • Identification of subsidies

Contact us if you need further information on renewable and highly efficient energy systems. We will be happy to explain the details to you in a personal meeting.


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