Management Systems

Management systems serve as corporate management systems. They are a system of connected and coordinated elements to systematically achieve company goals. Integrated management systems (IMS) are often used in companies to coordinate instruments and methods from different areas and to combine them in a uniform structure.

The Institute for Operations and Technology Management (IBT) supports companies (and municipalities) in the planning, introduction and implementation of the following management systems:

  • Quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management according to ISO 14001 (alternatively Eco Management and Audit Scheme EMAS)
  • Energy management according to ISO 50001

We offer you the following services:

  • Inventory analysis in the company
  • Preparation of standard-compliant documentation for the management system
  • Development of a document management system for the maintenance of documentation
  • Preparation for the audit
  • Staff training
  • Professional support during the certification process
  • Support in the continuation of the management system

Energy Consulting

There are numerous forms of energy use in companies and municipalities. In addition to the supply of electrical energy, the use of heat in buildings and processes plays a central role. Intelligent coupling of the various energy systems can reduce the consumption of electrical and thermal energy in companies and municipalities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One tool for evaluating energy consumption is the energy audit. Under the Energy Services and Other Energy Efficiency Measures Act (EDL-G), companies that are not small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are obliged to have at least one energy audit carried out every four years.

Our services in the course of energy consulting are for you:

  • Implementation of energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1
  • Modelling of energy and resource consumption within the framework of an inventory analysis
  • Development of measures to reduce energy consumption and to use regenerative or highly efficient energy systems
  • Optimization of processes to increase energy efficiency
  • Staff training
  • Implementation of workshops
  • Support in applying for subsidies

Climate protection concepts

Climate protection concepts and energy use plans serve municipalities as informal instruments for planning energy generation, use and distribution. The aim is to develop holistic and sustainable energy concepts in order to make the municipality independent of fossil energy supply in the long term and to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, a potential and inventory analysis is first carried out in the municipality. From this, concepts are developed and measures derived. Finally, the measures are implemented at the municipal level. The preparation of municipal climate protection concepts is financially subsidised.

Our services:

  • Potential analysis in the municipality for determining the energy and CO2 balance
  • Development of an energy concept with corresponding measures
  • Preparation of the climate protection report / energy use plan
  • Development of a controlling system to monitor the implementation of measures
  • Concept development for public relations work
  • Support in applying for subsidies
  • Implementation of workshops


Numerous concepts and measures are subsidised by public institutions (KfW-Bank, BAFA etc.). We will be happy to assist you in applying for and retrieving funding. We identify the relevant subsidies, work out the applications together with you and are available to answer any questions you may have.

The consultations are held in German and English.

Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen is listed with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) as an energy auditor (Energy Auditor ID: 205131).


Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
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