How to apply with a higher education entrance qualification outside Germany

A succesfull application in 6 steps

Detailed "How to apply" instructions

Step 1: Check entry requierements
Prior to starting the appropiate application procedure, please check if you are eligible for admission.
Because if you wish to study in Germany, you need a higher education entrance qualification (Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung, HZB). The Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung is a degree that qualifies students for a course of study. 

You can find out whether your higher education entrance qualification (UEQ) from your home country qualifies you to study directly in Germany at the anabin database (Short for: "Anerkennung und Bewertung ausländischer Bildungsnachweise" (Recognition and evaluation of foreign educational certificates). Also, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) operates a website where you can check whether your school leaving certificate qualifies you to study in Germany.

If you are ready to apply, please follow the application procedure below.

Step 2: Required Documents
Please use our checklist to collect all required documents as listed. Please note that the examination of your documents will only take place if all documents are complete. All certificates (language level and school reports) must be submitted in English or German language. 

Step 3: Proof of English language Proficiency 
The program "Sustainable Business and Technology" is offered entirely in English. It is therefore necessary to provide proof of language qualification.

Step 4: Application Form
Please download the application form, fill it out completely and print it.

Step 5: Proof of Payment for the Examination Fee
We charge a examination fee of 70.00 Euro for checking your documents. Please note that the evaluation will only take place when we can book the corresponding receipt of money.

Step 6: Submission of application
All documents are collected and ready to submit? Send it to us via e-mail to sbt(at)

Please note that the examination of your documents will only take place if all documents are complete and if we have received the payment for the examination fee. Submit your application early enough!

Finally, what happens after my application?

Finally, what will happen after my application?

  • We will confirm the receipt of your application via e-mail. Provided your qualifications have been assessed as sufficient, we will then issue a university admission letter with further information. Please assume that the assessment of your documents may take up to six weeks, depending on the applicant situation.
  • Please use the official admission letter to apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country.
  • With the admission letter,  you will be asked to enroll via our electronic applicant portal STUDIS, which will be opened in May 2022. Note that the remaining documents necessary for the enrollment process will be requested together with the admission letter. When you have submitted all the required documents our Student’s Office will provide you with a letter confirming your conditional enrollment.
  • We will also inform you in due time about further necessary steps and important dates around the start of your studies at our university. This also includes that you take care of an accommodation. After you have received the admission letter.
Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the deadlines for applying to the program?

Applications are possible for the upcoming winter term and should be submitted at the latest by:

  • 15 May for non-EU and non-EEA applicants
  • 31 August for EU and EEA applicants

However, we welcome applications all year around.

Apply here with German higher education entrance qualification


Contact and consulation

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