The Studierendenwerk Trier (Studiwerk for short) has set itself the goal of making life at the universities in Trier and Birkenfeld as pleasant as possible for students.

With services for social care as well as economic and cultural support for students, the Studierendenwerk helps to shape the university as a place to live.

You can find the complete offer of the Studiwerk Birkenfeld here:
Offers in Birkenfeld

- we are looking forward to seeing you.

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Karla Trösch

phone: +49 6782 17-1832
e-mail: studiwerk(at)

Birkenfeld | Gebäude 9924 | Raum 053

opening hours

Monday and Wednesday:
09.00 o'clock - 15.00 o'clock

09.00 o'clock - 13.00 o'clock


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