Passenger Car Electrification & key challenges for the Remanufacturing

The electrification of the Passenger Car is a leading market trend due to regulation and low emission cities zone extension notably. Car park will be impacted differently according to the geographical area and will open new challenges for the Remanufacturing industry.


Disassembly research of Lithium Batteries at the University of Applied Sciences Trier

In the presentation, we discuss the challenges of disassembling electric vehicles. Especially the handling of charged high voltage batteries in accident vehicles. The aim is to use robots for the high-risk and dangerous tasks.


People Involved

Matthias Vette-Steinkamp

Matthias Vette-Steinkamp, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Matthias is currently setting up a working group for remanufacturing system technologies at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld. From March 2012 to February 2020, he was head of department at ZeMA - Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology in Saarbrücken. At the same time, he is a lecturer for industrial robotics and human-technology interaction and head of the international research cluster Robotix-Academy. His research focuses on the automotive and aerospace industry as well as agile production.

His research interests focus on the application of robotics and automation in industrial production. In this context, he leads and contributes to a broad portfolio of innovation and technology transfer projects aiming at the introduction of robotics technologies in the production sector according to the Industry 4.0.

Jirka Horvath

Jirka Horvath, ZF Aftermarket

Jirka Horvath has spent nearly 20 years in different roles in ZF Aftermarket, TRW Aftermarket before acquisition. Jirka is actively supporting the industry as Director in APRA Europe. He started in finance and through several management positions including plant management now responsible as ZF Aftermarket Director for Operations EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) consisting of several spare parts distribution centers across whole region. In his role he is also covering Operations Remanufacturing – factories in Frydlant CZ and Wrexham UK. In ZF, remanufacturing has strong pedigree and is covering purely mechanical parts through mechatronics up to electronics remanufacturing. ZF has remanufactured in 2019 almost 1,5 million automotive parts (clutches, gearboxes, brakes, steering etc.) and saved more than 50.000 tons on CO2 emission by reusing its key components. This is an equivalent of 300 million km driven by an average passenger car! This is Jirka’s passion. His free time he spends with family and sport activities.


Francois de Ribet

Francois de Ribet, Valeo Electrification Systems Aftermarket & Off Road Products Line Director

  • Since 2004 within Valeo Group occupying several positions in Purchasing, Project management and industrialisation within different product's lines as Lighting, Clutches, Starters & Alternators.
  • Since 2012, responsible for the development, production and sales of the Aftermarket products for Electrical System product's line  which regroups the production of Starters, Alternators and 48V applications for Hybrid technology.

By consequence, fully involved in the Remanufacturing operations and in his development across the Valeo Group.
Today the Remanufacturing portfolio of Valeo covers: Compressors, Clutches, Dual Mass Flywheel, Starter, Alternators, E-Motors, Brakes .... and, surely, others products to come


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