Remanufacturing & Additive Manufacturing

The presentations in this session will match the challenges of modern remanufacturing with potentials and opportunities of additive manufacturing. Based on this, they will discuss future solutions for a sustainable application of additive manufacturing in the context of remanufacturing.

People Involved

Frank Döpper

Frank Döpper,University of Bayreuth

Frank Döpper is director of the research center “Campus Additive.Innovationen” at the University of Bayreuth UBT. Additive innovations are a focus topic at his Chair Manufacturing & Remanufacturing Technology and the Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation, which he heads. He worked for several international engineering companies in managerial positions before joining UBT.

Jan Koller

Jan Koller,University of Bayreuth

Jan Koller is a group leader at the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology at the University of Bayreuth, as well as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation. In his work, he focuses on the topic of circular economy with special emphasis on remanufacturing. In national and international research and industrial projects, he addresses the challenges of remanufacturing and develops efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Christian Bay

Christian Bay, University of Bayreuth

Christian Bay is Managing Director of the Research Center for additive Innovations at the University of Bayreuth. This Center focusses on interdisciplinary basic and applied research in the areas of Applications & Design, Processes & Materials, Digitalization & Business Models and Legal Issues & Sustainability. The last years, he has accompanied several research and development projects with industrial partners for developing solutions of using Additive Manufacturing for prototyping, serial production as well as spare part production. In his role he is also covering analyzing and evaluating approaches for revolutionize Remanufacturing by applying Additive Manufacturing.


Jirka Horvath

Jirka Horvath, ZF Aftermarket

Jirka Horvath has spent nearly 20 years in different roles in ZF Aftermarket, TRW Aftermarket before acquisition. Jirka is actively supporting the industry as Director in APRA Europe. He started in finance and through several management positions including plant management now responsible as ZF Aftermarket Director for Operations EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) consisting of several spare parts distribution centers across whole region. In his role he is also covering Operations Remanufacturing – factories in Frydlant CZ and Wrexham UK. In ZF, remanufacturing has strong pedigree and is covering purely mechanical parts through mechatronics up to electronics remanufacturing. ZF has remanufactured in 2019 almost 1,5 million automotive parts (clutches, gearboxes, brakes, steering etc.) and saved more than 50.000 tons on CO2 emission by reusing its key components. This is an equivalent of 300 million km driven by an average passenger car! This is Jirka’s passion. His free time he spends with family and sport activities.


Jesper Møberg

Jesper Møberg, Borg Automotive

Jesper Møberg has spent nearly 10 years in different roles in Borg Automotive. Jesper is actively supporting the industry as Director in APRA Europe. He started in finance as CFO for Borg Automotive back in 2000 to 2009. After 10 years away from the company he last year joined the company in a role as Business Development Director. In this role he will focus on M&A activities and the development of the product portfolie on new products. Borg Automotive are one of Europe's largest, most skilled and most experienced companies in the automotive parts remanufacturing industry. His free time he spends with family and sport activities.

Rachel Waugh

Rachel Waugh, European Remanufacturing Council

Rachel Waugh has been working on remanufacturing for nearly 8 years as part of her role as Senior Consultant at Oakdene Hollins, a Circular Economy consultancy based in Buckinghamshire, UK.  She joined Oakdene Hollins after completing her PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge as part of the WellMet2050 project, which aimed to explore all credible means for reducing the global CO2 emissions of the steel and aluminium industries and was her introduction to remanufacturing.  She has been involved in a broad range of remanufacturing projects, including remanufacturing markets studies for Malaysia, Scotland, Canada and Europe.  In 2014, she co-ordinated the successful Horizon2020 bid to run the European Remanufacturing Network, out of which the European Remanufacturing Council was established in 2017.  She is married to a real life rocket scientist and her free time is currently spent homeschooling her two young children! 


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