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Short profile and objectives

InDi was founded in 2019. As part of the Faculty of Environmental Business/Environmental Law at Trier University of Applied Sciences, the institute carries out applied research in the areas of digital and international communication, marketing, and law. It also offers training and further education in these areas as well as services for businesses in the area of business communication. The institute pursues an interdisciplinary approach and cooperates closely with related subject areas / institutes of Trier University of Applied Sciences and other universities, with other scientific institutions as well as with organizations and companies.

Our goals

  • We carry out applied research with a focus on the fields of digital and international communication, marketing and law at a national, international and European level.
  • We provide professional advice to companies on the use of the competences described below.
  • We develop tailor-made products and train professionals for international and digital business communication. 
  • We develop scientific further education offers
  • We bring experience and research findings from the institute into the teaching at Trier University of Applied Sciences.
  • We initiate and promote the transfer of knowledge into practice. In this context, we attend and organize national and international guest lectures, conferences, seminars, symposia, etc. to intensify the transfer of knowledge between university and practice.

Through applied research, the institute provides innovative and constantly evolving products and services for a wide range of applications. The institute thus positions digital and international communication as additional unique position features of Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Core competences

Our work at InDi is interdisciplinary in nature and we cooperate with companies, institutions and other departments and universities to find innovative and goal-oriented solutions. Our core competencies are in the following areas: 

Marketing & Digitization

  • Marketing concepts and communication concepts
  • Market research
  • Neuroscientific approaches (e.g. brand positioning)
  • International & digital marketing
  • Digital business models

Communication Studies & Applied Linguistics

  • International & intercultural communication
  • Customer communication on social media
  • Sustainability communication
  • Profiling communication patterns
  • Communication optimization
  • Language in the context of culture, culinary studies, university

Law & mediation

  • International law & comparison of laws 
  • Immigration law
  • Foundation & start-ups
  • Law and sustainability
  • Mediation (extrajudicial resolution of conflicts)


  • Creation & evaluation of new teaching concepts / courses
  • Teaching in an international & digital context
  • Blended learning & virtual reality
  • Project-based teaching


Board of Directors
Team members
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