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Welcome @ Trier University of Applied Sciences means internationalization - by students for students. Student engagement, social and professional integration, as well as curricular anchoring of measures ensure that participants are integrated in the intercultural exchange at university and beyond and volunteers enrich their portfolio with an unforgettable and sustainable experience.


In 2020/21 we want to further promote networking activities for refugees, German and international students with the help of six integrated student initiatives. We also want to further strengthen the intercultural competence of all students at our three campuses in Trier, Birkenfeld and Idar-Oberstein.

The initiatives include advice before and during the studies, integration into student groups, joint activities with German and international students, trial studies & tutorials, regional and social networking and a digital component in the field of social media communication.

    Our Welcome offers: tutorials, international meetings, sports and much more!

    Attention: No events on campus at the moment!

    • Tutorials by the International Students Office (ISO) - Students offer German tutorials and support for your studies and life on campus: Wednesdays in the lecture period from 15-16 o'clock; Tuesdays and Thursdays as required from approx. 14-16 o'clock by individual arrangement - contact and registration by e-mail to welcome(at)umwelt-campus.de
      Attention: Currently only by appointment!
    • Café International: Every Wednesday from 16:15 in the TeeStube at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld - Cultural and sporting activities + information about Germany, the region, professions and studies + much more!
      Attention: Currently only online events!
    • Intercultural sports group: Every Thursday 16:30 - 18:30 in the gym at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
      Attention: Currently not available
    • Possibility to participate in trial studies/taster studies (“Schnupperstudium”) and excursions
    • Online offers have now also been successfully launched to promote the exchange between German and international students (see flyer on the right): Every Wednesday from 16:15 - Meet Internationals & Friends @ TeeStube.
    • A social media component will be added for the first time in 2020 to supplement the measures.
    Other offers for refugees: Getting fit for your studies and the German job market
    • We offer preparatory German courses (level C1) and other study-related offers for refugees through the INTEGRA program. With our final certificate you can immediately start with your studies at Trier University of Applied Sciences or you can additionally take the TestDaF examination at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.
    • Our PROFI programprepares you for the German job market and prepares you for an educationally appropriate job - whether before, during, after your studies or as an add-on to an apprenticeship.


    Main concerns of the project:

    • the integration of refugees who are able and willing to study into their studies
    • a scaling of the initiatives as a stimulus (Impulsgeber) to strengthen further voluntary work by refugees, German and international students
    • a curricular connection of initiatives in the areas of international & intercultural communication as well as management & corporate law to promote intercultural key competence
    • the curricular anchoring through the recognition of individual certificates, the development of a "Welcome University Certificate for Student Engagement" and the recognition as interdisciplinary projects. (This component is currently under development)

    Our goal at the end of the project:

    A cosmopolitan, international university where refugees experience appreciation as part of a fully integrated student body and can also contribute their own skills. The volunteer work of students is the focus here.


    Through a close network with INTEGRA and the new PROFI program, we would like to effectively support refugees even after starting their studies in Germany or after completing their first degree in their home country to successfully achieve their study goals and professional goals. At the same time, we shape the discourse at university to offer refugees, German and international students an appreciative and integrative study environment and to connect them through the widest possible range of activities on site and to show them a sustainable regional perspective. Here we see Welcome as an important component of our internationalization concept currently being developed as part of the Trier International University project: At home and around the world.

    Particularly innovative when implementing the Welcome Project at Trier University of Applied Sciences is our special focus on student volunteering, which will be rewarded with an additional qualification in the form of certificates and will be anchored in the curriculum. The digital component of the measures should also be particularly emphasized, as this is where networking takes place across locations and universities. In addition, the networking and integration of all student groups (German, international, refugee students) and the associated sustainable internationalization at all locations is a central concern, which allows all actors to benefit substantially.


    Daniela Haubrich
    International Office
    +49 6782 17-1843

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    Personal data (contact information) is only stored and used for the purpose of contacting you regarding the project offers. If you would like to be deleted from our contact list, please send us a short email and we will remove your data. The data protection regulations Welcome/Integra/PROFI of Trier University of Applied Sciences are applicable.

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